care ministries

Birthday Card Ministry

This is a quiet and caring ministry which celebrates Christ’s love with others on their birthday through the sending of birthday cards. Donations of cards are always appreciated.  

Hospital/Shut-In Visitation

Members of the Visitation Team reach out to people in the hospital, nursing home or shut-ins through visitations, support and prayer. A simple visit by caring individuals can make a world of difference for someone who is dealing with an illness, injury, or who is homebound.

Meal Coordination

Organize meals for members confined to their homes due to illness, at times of death and funerals. Contact church office at 904-264-0536.

Newborn Ministry

Reach out to new moms and dads to celebrate their new child with a special meal and a rose is placed in the sanctuary announcing the newborns arrival.  

Telephone Ministry

This ministry reaches out to shut-ins. Telephone calls are made regularly to listen, talk, and offer support. The degree to which you reach out is up to you.