The prayer ministries of OPPC include:

  1. The prayer chain (for emergency prayer needs)
  2. The prayer team (for ongoing prayer needs)
  3. The prayer team (for meeting/praying with individuals after services)
  4. Holy Huddle - Wednesday prayer group (a prayer meeting at OPPC each Wednesday at 9:00 a.m.)

To be involved or request prayer from one of these ministries, please contact the church office at 264-0536.

Prayer Ministry

Worship and glorify God, anoint the sick, call on the name of the Lord, hear more clearly from the Father, allow the Holy Spirit to work, to be obedient in the study of Scripture, meditation, fasting and righteousness. Intercede on behalf of others. Ministry opportunities for Prayer Chain, Prayer Team, Intercession, Fasting, Healing, Gospel Invitation, Prayer covering and support.  

Volunteers are given an opportunity to strengthen their gift and participate either privately or in a team setting, while receiving additional training, teaching, and encouragement.  

Cathy Sanders at 269-0190 or

Shirley Weimer at 264-2646 or