who we are


Building followers of Jesus Christ who meet human needs.


  • The mission of OPPC is to take Jesus Christ into the lives of others by:
  • Befriending and listening to the lost & needy for the sake of Christ
  • Telling and living the good news of the saved life in Jesus
  • Being equipped, empowered, and released as spiritually gifted believers
  • Harnessing our culture to promote an undiluted Gospel message
  • Bearing witness by our personal walk with Jesus Christ as Lord of our lives


  • The covenant community of OPPC exists to:
  • GLORIFY: Exalt our God through authentic worship
  • GIVE: Share the message and love of Jesus through intentional evangelism
  • GATHER: Create fellowship and belonging through membership
  • GROW: Build followers of Jesus Christ through discipleship
  • GO: Equip believers to use their spiritual gifts for their unique call to ministry


  • The OPPC family of faith strives to become:
  • One People Proclaiming Christ as Lord & Savior
  • A community that demonstrates the love of Jesus
  • Jesus’ apprentices who are Kingdom focused
  • Empty of self and filled with Christ
  • A people who yield to the Holy Spirit
  • A broken vessel, salt of the earth, light in darkness & a city on a hill